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Babywearing Panel - Babywearing Coat Add-On

Babywearing Panel - Babywearing Coat Add-On

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This item is an extra babywearing panel to make your coat compatible with tandem wearing.  This item can only be used when the babywearing coat has been purchased separately.

Stay comfortable and stylish with a Timber Stitches Babywearing Coat. This convertible coat can be used for babywearing, tandem wearing, pregnancy, and everyday wear. It features removable hoods for mom and baby and additional inserts can be ordered for tandem wearing and pregnancy. Enjoy stylish comfort and warmth while carrying your little one!

*Babywearing- front and back carry, will work with any inward carrier type
*Pregnancy- add a pregnancy panel to your order (sold separately) for use while pregnant
*Everyday wear when the babywearing panel has been removed 

Sizing: The sizing of this coat can comfortably fit a baby up to 2T while babywearing and possibly larger depending on the kid and your overall fit. Please see size chart and let us know if you need any sizing help.  

*This is designed to be worn over a baby carrier and does not support a baby on its own. 



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