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Cable Knit - Babywearing Hoodie

Cable Knit - Babywearing Hoodie

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Stay comfortable and stylish with a Timber Stitches Babywearing Hoodie. This cozy hoodie is perfect for babywearing, pregnancy, nursing, and everyday wear. It features an internal pocket, oversized cowl neck hood, and an invisible zipper for breastfeeding and babywearing access. Enjoy stylish comfort while carrying your little one!

*Babywearing-front carry only, but will work with any inward carrier type
*Pregnancy- very bump friendly and can comfortably fit during pregnancy while babywearing or solo 
*Nursing- the zipper opening for baby also makes great nursing access even when not babywearing
*Everyday wear for a more loose fitted hoodie

-internal hoodie pocket very similar to the internal pocket on our luxe carrier covers
-oversized cowl neck hood
-invisible zipper for babywearing or breastfeeding access

Sizing: The sizing of these hoodies can comfortably fit a baby up to 2T while babywearing and possibly larger depending on the kid and your overall fit. They are designed to be long (to keep toes tucked in!) and have a roomy fit when you’re not babywearing. If you want a more trim fit or you plan to wear primarily by yourself or with a smaller baby then you can go down a size. Please see size chart and let us know if you need any sizing help.  

*This is designed to be worn over a baby carrier and does not support a baby on its own. 



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